Shining Senior

A question I get asked often: "What do you like to shoot the most? Babies or weddings?" It's a hard one to answer. Usually, I say it's like picking a favorite child. Every type of shoot has its own life, its own nuances. Both have their own challenges and offer their own satisfaction. I love weddings for the drama & the beauty. I love babies because they're so cuddly and warm. Somehow, my senior sessions seemed to get overlooked, but I love them just as equally. It's such a fun time in a teenager's life, and I love getting to know these people just as they're getting to know themselves. Although I've been around Jamie plenty in the past, this was the first time she was the subject in front of my camera, and I just loved how she shined. School spirit is a big deal for her, so naturally we spent a lot of our session out on the football field at good ole SCHS.




The Entourage





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Matt, Allison and Jade said...

Love them...Jamie is beautiful!!