Team Twilight

The first thing most everyone asked me when I mentioned I'd be making a trip to the great northwest corner of our country was, "Are you going to Forks?" Forks, Washington, for those of you who don't know, is the tee-tiny town in which the Twilight series of books is set. No, I wasn't planning on going to Forks. It was way out of our path, and honestly, what would we do when we got there? Sprinkle glitter on our skin and pretend to be vampires? No. Rip off our shirts and howl? No. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big time fan of the books, but I never really had any plans of actually visiting the town.

That is, until our plans changed. No, I still didn't go to Forks. But, I did go to Port Angeles, and while I was there, I had ravioli. (Not mushroom ravioli...blech. I can't even believe I just typed the M word). I'll admit, I was pretty freakin' excited when I realized it would be quicker for us to take the ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles rather than driving all the way back to Vancouver to then head back to Portland. I mean, I'm not Twihard enough to go out of my way to visit locations, but I am big enough a fan to get a little giddy. Plus, we'd get to drive along the outer edge of the gorgeous Olympic National Park.

It was fun getting to be in a place I had read about, and never expected to be able to visit. Of course, by the time the ferry arrived and we drove off the boat, it was 10pm, and we were all pretty deliriously tired. We didn't get to eat at the Italian place that's mentioned in the book (it was closed), so we ate across the street. It was possibly the funniest meal I've ever had; I could barely chew my food I was laughing so hard. I'm not really sure what was so funny, really. We were just that tired. Then, finally, about 11pm, we got on the road for Portland. Ugh. What a long, windy drive. My flight left early the next morning, so I tried to get as much sleep as possible, but it was difficult. My head didn't hit the pillow on Devon's couch until 3:45am. And at 5:20am, I was up and in the shower so I could catch my 7:20 flight home. Yikes. Only an hour and a half of sleep! Thank goodness Chris was there to drive me; Devon rode but she had as little sleep as I did. Somehow I did the zombie walk through security and got on the right plane; I don't even remember taking off. Needless to say, when I finally made it into the arms of my Joshy in my own bed, I fell asleep fast. Home sweet home.

On the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria. I'm sporting a new shirt and sweater from H&M, just FYI.


Yes, I'm eating chowder with a sweater and scarf and blue jeans on. In the middle of July. It was cold!

Parliament building, I think.

We took a scenic drive around the outskirts of Victoria and stumbled upon this little part of the coast. So incredibly beautiful. Here's Devon & Jennifer (and Taylor in the background).

Our second ferry of the day, heading into Port Angeles.


And for the perfect end to the trip, another picture of food. Like I said, we were ha-larious.

So there you have it. If you ever make it out that way, be prepared to eat! All of the photos I have posted of my trip were taken with my Toy Camera, by the way. I shot some film while I was there, which I sent off to the lab today, and I will post those images as soon as I've got them in my hands.

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