Apparently, 'Vancouver' means 'lots of great food' in Canadian. Looking back through my pictures, it seems all we did in Vancouver was eat, eat, and eat some more. Seriously, it's kind of silly how many pictures of food I have. But it was oh so yummy!

We started off our morning we with a box of donuts. Mine had little maple leaves on it. Very Canadian, eh?

After our donut picnic, we found these amazing statues and we each picked one to pose as. Here's my silly pose.

There is the beautiful skyline of Vancouver reflected on the harbor.

Naturally, it wast time to eat again. Cupcakes, this time. Mint icing? Yes please.

We did work off our cupcakes, though, by biking. Yes, you heard it hear first: I, Jenna Henderson, went BIKING for over 6 MILES around Vancouver!!! Trust me, I'm as shocked as you are.

Of course, after we finished burning off all those calories, it was time to reward ourselves with Taylor's birthday cake...delicious. Prior to the cake, we had tapas, and even though there was plenty of room left for cake, the cake still won, and we left it unfinished.
The final chapter of my fabulous North West vacation will come tomorrow...I've got more food to show off!

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Matt, Allison and Jade said...

I love sweets, sounds like my kind of place!