Bake me a cake

Cake. The word alone conjures up good thoughts and makes me happy. The sweet, baked dessert made from combination of frosting and spongy goodness is like none other. We use it to celebrate weddings, birthdays, and any other accomplishment in life. My favorite flavor is chocolate cake with mint icing (which can be found at Julia's, hint hint). When we got married, I guess folks expected me to bake cakes a lot because we received several cake platters as gifts. The one downside? I can't bake. Not very well, at least. Frankly, I don't like to bake. Domestic diva I am not. Even if I did manage to stir up a box cake, icing it would be a whole other story. I've iced cakes in the past; it's not pretty. By the time I'm finished, the cake has fallen apart, there are crumbs everywhere, and it's likely that icing is in my hair. For Houston, icing in his hair was all part of the game. Check him out as he celebrates his first birthday with what else? Cake.





We got majorly rained on during the cake-smashing portion of Houston's session, so we tried again a different day, this time with less cake.






Happy birthday, Houston!


Molly said...

These are SO cute!

Ashley said...

hahaha good thing you have a sister-in-law to bake you cakes! These pictures are really cute, he has such grown up expressions.