Ben Franklin, is that you?

Ok, know me too well. I couldn't stay away from my blog, even though I didn't bring a laptop. Actually, I forgot to pack my SD card reader, so I figured, even if I found internet I wouldn't be able to pull any pictures off my Toy camera, and if there are no pictures, what's the point in blogging, right? Luckily, our hotel here in Baltimore has a computer with a card reader built in, and I have a little time to kill before we can check in to our room.

So far, it's been a great trip. Philadelphia really suprised me! Such a great city, and it's very visitor friendly. There are several welcome/visitor info centers and throughout the city at some of the historical sites, there are benches with storytellers standing next to them, just waiting to tell a tale or answer any question we had. Did I mention the historical sites were free? WIN! In our 1.5 days there, we saw Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the Betsy Ross house, the "Rocky" steps at the Philly Museum of Art, and all kinds of interesting architecture in the older parts of the city. We were able to get around to everywhere via the hop-on/hop-off Phlash bus (thanks for the tip, Kelli!), which was only $5 for the whole day, and our hotel also offered a free shuttle service, so Philly turned out to be pretty budget friendly. This morning, we jumped on the Amtrack train to Baltimore, and after we have a little bite of lunch with my 'cousin' Beth, we'll probably be spending our afternoon in the aquarium, since it's raining. Here are a handful of pictures from both my Toy camera and JoEllen's.

This was our first flight together, which is kinda strange, considering we both love to travel so much.
The houses on Elfreth Ave were so cute! And forever's the oldest residential street in the nation.
Did you know Independence Hall is on national park property? It's true. Park rangers were everywhere!
This is where George Washington sat when the Declaration was signed.
The Liberty Bell has a crack in it. A big one.
Of course, we couldn't resist running to the top of the "Rocky" steps and doing a victory dance. Well, I didn't run. I walked. But no matter the speed, I made it to the top, and I did my dance.
After all that work, we found a shady spot near the top of the steps to do some people watching. Countless folks ran up the steps and did the iconic victory dance. Some even punched at the air. This people watching was probably the highlight of my trip so far.
The view from the top.
And of course, no trip to Philly is complete without an authentic Philly Cheesesteak. Yum.
Ok, Beth is here! I'll post Baltimore pictures from home. Daily blogging will begin again on Friday, so stay tuned!

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Kevin said...

Sounds like a blast! So jealous! I would have loved people watching at the Rocky steeps with you two.