At some point this week, a box containing the processed & scanned negatives from 7 rolls of film should arrive on my doorstep. Meagan & Kyle are waiting to see their roll, as are Jamie and Devon & Chris. There are enough butterflies in my stomach for a Mariah Carey video. So far, aside from that one unfortunate roll I stupidly ruined when I got in a hurry, I've had pretty good results with my film adventures, but I've also been taking them one roll at a time. This time, since I had to find a new photo lab clear on the other side of the country, I was forced wait until I had enough to send rolls to send at one time to justify the shipping costs. It's possible that there isn't a single photo on any of the rolls that are worth keeping. Fingers crossed, something will make my heart flutter. John & Lauren made me giddy when they told me they selected this film image from their engagement session to be enlarged for a wall at their home. I'll admit, I'm a proud photo-mama. So, interwebs, pray the shipping system works swiftly and I can set my nerves aside as I find out if my negatives result in a positive.


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