The Charm City

So, the second half of my trip with JoEllen was spent in Baltimore. Despite what Mom thought, I had never actually been there before. We left Philadelphia via train, and once we checked into our hotel, my 'cousin,' (Granddaddy's sister's daughter) Beth & her daughter Elaina picked us up for a tour of the city. First stop: lunch. I can still taste the cream of crab soup we had from our perch by the harbor. And the onion rings were bigger than doughnuts...we're talking hurge. Yum. After lunch, we got back in the car and headed out to see the Charm City Cakes' door, aka Ace of Cakes! Beth even knocked on the door, and the person on the intercom said they would have sent someone out, except they were filming. Naturally, we went down the road and had some cupcakes at a nearby bakery. JoEllen and I really enjoyed our visit and tour with Beth and Elaina! Next time the come to the farm, I plan on returning the favor. Our last full day on vacation we spent in and around the Inner Harbor. Our trip was capped off by a fantastic meal at Kali's Corner. Did I mention it was Restaurant Week in Baltimore? It's true. So not only did we have a scrumptious three course meal that was worthly of my Top Ten Meals Ever list, it was also only $35. Score! Baltimore was a win. We even saw crabs swimming in the harbor. I came on home on Friday, but JoEllen continued the trip to DC, both for sight seeing and a wedding of a friend. Be sure to check out her blog when she gets back for those tales.

Waiting at the train station in Philly was reminding me a bit of Europe. It was nice.

From the back seat of Beth & Elaina's car. They're major blogstalkers..thanks for reading!!

CAAAAAKES! For someone who has cake listed as a major food group, this was fun to see.

And then we had some cupcakes. Not at Charm City, though.

Congrats to Elaina for making the field hockey team!

This is Fort McHenry, where the Star Spangled Banner was written.

My favorite part of Baltimore was riding the water taxi pleasant.

Such a neat building.

We don't know why, but these signs were everywhere!

Night on the harbor, on the way to our dinner date.

So that's that. Wonder what I should blog tomorrow? Hmmm...

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cyndi said...

Nice pics.... but that annoying tap.tap.tap.tap you hear is my foot,as I sit here impatiently waiting to see Oregon pics before I leave for horse show vacation!!!! ;p