Donegan Wedding, Part 2

I've been dreading this blog post. I knew it was coming, but I've put it off as long as I can. My palms have begun to sweat a little as I type, because I know I'm really laying it all out there. Here's the story...

Just picture the scene: the guests are all seated, the last bridesmaid has just stepped into place, and the music cues the doors at the back of the church. They open. Light pours in from outside, and the bride is standing there, waiting to be escorted to her groom. Everything is picture perfect, and I click. Nothing. I click again. Nothing. My camera is frozen. I turn it off, turn it on, and click again. Nothing. She's taking her first steps down the aisle, and my heart skips a beat. I turn it off, change my battery, card & lens as quickly as my fingers will allow, turn it on and click. Nothing.

At this point, she's made it to her groom, and the ceremony has started. I'm a wedding photographer at a wedding with a dead camera. I panicked for a split second, shooting a look of shear terror to my friend serving as an usher. Then, with my heart in my stomach, I sent the wedding coordinator to my car for my backup, and watched as the ceremony happened in front of me. My backup came after what seemed like an hour, I threw a fresh battery and card in, tossed aside my 5D, and began shooting with a camera I hadn't touched in 2 years.

I finished shooting the ceremony and the reception just like normal, having only lost a few minutes of coverage. Unfortunately, those minutes included the bride walking down the aisle. I knew I had to answer to my clients, and explain what happened. So, in a quiet moment as I was bustling Ravneet's dress, I confessed my camera failure. I expected the worst. Mad, angry clients just waiting to rip me apart. I guess I forgot just how awesome my clients are, and just how lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life. Brett & Ravneet weren't mad. They were chill, understanding, and just happy to be married.

It took me a solid 3 days to get my heart out of my stomach. Brett & Ravneet's wedding just happened to be the last in a streak of 8 days of shooting, and I had a whole 2 weeks off before my next session, so there was plenty of time for me to order a new camera. I'm now the proud mama of a 5D Mark II. It was a little sad knowing my 5D, the camera that felt like home in the palm of my hand, had shot its last image. At the same time, this experience was a reminder of the importance of being a professional. My clients have high expectations of me, and it's important that I fulfill those expectations. Yes, things happen, and I'm not perfect. But, I've got to know my craft, work hard for my clients, and push through the rough parts so that at the end of the day, I have a beautiful finished project. Here is part 2 of the Donegan wedding.

I may have missed her walking down the aisle during the ceremony, but Brett & Ravneet wanted to see each other before the ceremony (since technically they were already married at this point), so I have this shot.

They're so perfect for each other.


Check out Ravneet managing those steps with those shoes!


...and gentlemen.

And kiddos too.

Brett & I went to high school together; we were in several plays together, including one where he was the King and I was the Royal Social Director. It was fuchsia-riffic! (Inside joke)

Salt & Pepper, just like the bride and groom. ;)


The last image from my 5D.

Their ceremony was filled with beautiful music, including some from Phantom of the Opera, one of my personal favorites.


Caroline was there to send them off in style!

Such an outpouring of love, in the form of bubbles.

And they're off!


Super huge congrats to Brett & Ravneet. I wish you lots of love and happiness in your marriage. Thanks for being the best clients a girl could ask for.

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