Highs and Lows, v3

Wait, wait, wait....it's been another whole week? Oh my, where has the time gone! I've been trying to stay on top of my editing, and I think I'm getting ahead, then I wake up and it's Saturday. Time for another wedding, which means more photos. I know several of you are waiting; I'm working on it. For now, my weekly Highs & Lows installment.

-I got to spend most of Wednesday with Sara Elizabeth getting her drape photo made, lunch at El Mexico, and watching a little New Moon before we ate dinner with our family at Granny's. It was nice being around her for a whole day. Even though we live so close, I rarely see her.
-My Target trip with Joshy for guest bedroom stuff was a success! Now, I just have to get the closet organized and call the painter.
-I slept in until 11:45 one day this week. It was glorious.
-Last night we went to a party and hung out with almost all of our Nashville friends. It was so wonderful to see everyone, including baby Aiden...who has grown! It had been way too long since Joshy and I last saw everybody, and it was nice catching up a little.

-I lost my calendar for a couple of hours. I was in a minor state of panic until it was found.
-Once again, the heat has been rediculous. Although, thanks to the nice rain, it did cool off a little on Friday.
-My wrist has been swollen for the better part of the week. Blame it on shooting too much. Can someone pass the ibuprofen?

Here's a picture of my handsome Joshy to brighten your day. Ah, such a cutie...

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