Highs and Lows, v4

It's been almost a month since I began my daily blogging. This week, I was starting to think maybe I'm not interesting enough to blog daily. I mean, my Granny was bragging on me, but she's a little biased. Then, Anji tells me that she faithfully reads everyday. There are a lot of you who do, but Anji has dial-up. Yes, I just said dial-up. She pulls up my site, lets a picture load, then goes to cook a little dinner. She cooks as it loads, and eventually will make it through a whole post. If she thinks it's worth it to read it on a dial up connection, I guess I'd better keep posting, and making sure what I post is worthwhile. So, another week, another list of Highs & Lows.

-It rained on the farm on Wednesday! We needed it big time.
-I've started packing for my trip to Philly/Baltimore with JoEllen; we leave Monday. Yipee!
-Lauren's dad called one afternoon to just say thanks for working so hard at her wedding last Saturday. It was so sweet for him to take the time to call, it really made my day.
-Speaking of Saturday, it was great to shoot with Melissa. I wish I could take her to every wedding.

-I wonder how many weeks in a row heat is going to wind up on this list. This week it was so hot, I even had to reschedule some pictures.
-My couch stinks. I think the cat peed on it. Oh my...I can't believe I just confessed that to the interwebs. Gross. Can someone pass the Febreze?
-My film has STILL not arrived. I was really hoping to finally see my negatives turn into a positive, but the shipment won't get here until after I've left for Philly on Monday, which means I have to wait another whole week. Blerg.

Until my film comes in, here's a never before blogged shot of JoEllen from our shoot in April.

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Melissa said...

Aww, I made the high's list! Glad it wasn't the low's list! :)

If your cat peed on your couch... You'll need something better than febreeze. Trust me, I have one that likes to pee on stuff, including the couch. Go to the pet store and get something made specifically for that! Otherwise, it'll never go away! I think some of them also help deter them from doing it again.

Have fun on your trip!! :)