Highs and Lows, v5

This week, after a fabulous trip to Philly & Baltimore with JoEllen, I have quite a list of high points, so I'll just jump right into it:

-My whole trip! But specifically:
-The people watching in Philly; people watching is basically a hobby of mine.
-In Philadelphia, it was super visitor friendly and welcoming. And cheap!
-I had a blast on the train to Baltimore. It reminded me of Europe.
-Lunch with 'cousin' Beth and Elaina. They treated us to some delicious cream of crab soup and what is possibly the largest onion rings on the planet.
-We also saw the Charm City Cakes door! Naturally, cupcakes followed. By the way, pictures from Baltimore will come tomorrow.
-It was Restaurant Week in Baltimore, meaning we had a super 3 course gourmet meal for $35. Total. We also managed to score a free drink!
-My FILM was here when I got home! Wahoo!!

-Missing Joshy. I had a total blast with JoEllen, but I hated leaving Joshy at home. I wish he could have experienced everything I did too.
-It rained on us on Wednesday. Luckily, we were in Beth's car for most of the day, so it wasn't too bad.
-Leaving work. Yes, I need a break from time to time, but I hate knowing I've got a pile of work waiting on me, and clients waiting on their images.
-Not getting to go to DC with JoEllen. I haven't been there since 2001, and it's high time I return. I sent my Toy camera with her, though, so it's kind of like I went, right?

Tomorrow, I'll be posting the Baltimore half of the trip, then get ready...the film has arrived and I'll be posting like crazy! Here's another look at my lovely film.


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