Highs and Lows, v6

"Let 'em walk on!" Ahh...that phrase can only mean one thing: it's horseshow time! If you're not from Shelbyville, then I'm sure you have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm referring, of course, to the 72nd annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration, a 10 day event held right here in my hometown. I'll be there as many nights as possible this week. The people watching, the food, and the fun times with friends & family make it awesome. It tops my Highs/Lows list this week:

-Horseshow! I will be eating country ham for dinner as many times as possible this week.
-Being there when Reegan was born on Wednesday was the emotional high of my week. It was incredible.
-Guest bedroom and bathroom got painted, finally! I felt like I was on a room design make-over TV show or something. Once the paint is actually dry and I can hang stuff on the walls, I'll post a picture.
-Weather: you are simply perfect this week. Way to make it off the Low list!

-Getting the car fixed. I hate having to spend money on something like that, even if it is necessary.
-The Celebration switched from Coke to Pepsi this year. Not cool.
-I'm starting to get a little behind/overwhelmed when it comes to editing. I've got 4-5 days off from shooting next week, so maybe I'll be able to get caught up.
-They were out of cotton candy at the show tonight. I've been looking forward to it all week! Boo.

JoEllen came down for the Celebration. It's her 6th year to attend! She brought Kevin along, and we all picked our winners and chowed down on ham and tater twirls. Yum.

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