Playing catch up

Don't ask me how I got this far behind on my blogging. Corey's session was in the last week of July, and here it is, almost September and I'm just now getting her up here. I blog in order, by the way. Sometimes I skip ahead a little, like when I post sneak peeks of weddings or while I'm traveling, but for the most part, I like to keep things in chronological order. It's that compulsive need to be consistent that makes me this way. It's silly, actually. Like the meltdown I nearly had when I realized I needed to come up with a way to keep my negatives organized. Just how neurotic am I? The other day, I looked down on my desk and there were five different kinds of writing utensils spread out in the space between the edge of my desk and my laptop: a yellow lead pencil, a skinny black ink pen (the kind you take from banks and hotels), a fine point Sharpe, an ultra fine point Sharpe and a alcohol free CD marker. No, I didn't spill my pencil cup. They were there on purpose...that is, each one has it's own job. For example, you'll never find me writing in my calender in pen; I shudder at the thought. I am my own kind of crazy. At least I'm consistently crazy. Even still, I've managed to fall nearly a month behind blogging what I'm currently shooting. Perhaps I'll get caught up one day, though at this rate, it probably will be well into winter. For now, I'll just have to cope with being a little behind. Here are a handful of my favorites from Corey's senior session.









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