You've Got (lots and lots of) Mail (to answer)

Do you remember that scene in "You've Got Mail" when Tom Hanks is trying to type that email to Meg Ryan and he can't decide what to type? It's just after he's figured out that 'shopgirl' is actually Kathleen Kelly, his business nemesis, and he stood her up in order to keep her from finding out he's Joe Fox. He's sitting at that ridiculously thick laptop, typing, throwing his hands in the air trying to find exactly what to say. First, it's a lame excuse. Then, it's a lamer one. He erases the email by hitting the backspace key repeatedly in frustration. That's how I feel as I type this blog. Backspace. Backspace. Backspace. He finally is honest, and types an eloquent and acceptable apology. Kathleen accepts.'s been a long week. I had 7 sessions, 2 weddings, 3 meetings, and 2 albums due. I've been back and forth among Shelbyville, Nashville, & Murfreesboro. At one point, I had no less than 13 cards to empty. I shot so much in fact, my wrist is swollen; my sister had to doctor on me. On Sunday, I took the whole day off. No work, no emails, no shooting. That's what normal people do, right? Sundays off? Rather than working, I went to church, spent time with family, helped Joshy clean house, made a Target trip, and worked on the guest bedroom. Somehow, I still feel a little guilty for letting my work sit there for a day. I'm pretty sure, if you looked up the word 'workaholic' on Wikipedia, my photo would be there, along with a to-do list. If you've been waiting on an email or phone response, thanks for your patience.

I'm sorry I don't have pictures today; I'll make it up to you tomorrow with a full wedding post. "You've Got Mail," by the way, is one of my favorite movies. Just watching them walk with such fervor in this scene makes me feel like I'm ready for another week.

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