Date Night

When it got cloudy enough for me to take my sunglasses off, I knew it just wasn't going to be what I wanted. Free Saturdays are hard to come by, and yesterday, when I finally had one off, I wanted to spend it like normal people spend Saturdays: on a date. So, we made plans for the Frist, dinner at RuSans, a movie and perhaps a late drink. It sounded promising, but when Joshy came home from work a little grumpy because he didn't feel good, it all started to go downhill. I couldn't blame him for being grumpy; I felt bad last week, and it's not fun. But, we had a plan so we were sticking to it.

I put on a cute summer dress, Joshy grabbed some tissue, and off we went. As we rode, I told Joshy about the coture exhibit at the Frist. "Clothes?" he asked. "You want to go see clothes?" He rolled his eyes. I probably did too. That's when the clouds came, and it started to rain. I realized I hadn't brought a sweater, and that I would likely freeze through dinner and the movie.

When we arrived in Nashville, I had a meeting with some clients, so Joshy took a nap in the car, in an effort to feel a little better. The clients were awesome, and my meeting went so well, I lost track of time, and we were left with only 45 minutes at the Frist. Make that 30...ball game traffic slowed us down. I was too stubborn not to see it, so we rushed through the dresses, barely making it out before they closed. This made me grumpy, having plopped down the money only to be checking the time every 5 minutes.

Things didn't get any better when we got to RuSans and had to pay for parking in what used to be a free lot. Dinner was good, but expensive, and my stomach hurt afterwards. We couldn't even agree on a movie to see. Ugh. "Let's just go home," he said. We drove through Hillsboro Village on the route home, and considered stopping for dessert, but my stomach was telling me otherwise, and even the lure of a cupcake couldn't make me change my mind. We went home. So much for the great date night.

And there we were, back at home at 8:00 on a Saturday night. We got in our pajamas, crawled into the huge guest bed, and watched Mad Men on the laptop. It wasn't at all the fun, romantic night I had imagined, but as we sat there cuddling and giggling, I realized we were finally happy. No paying for parking, no traffic or rushing or forgotten sweaters. It was just us being us...cozy, comfy, content. Date night, Henderson style.


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