Highs and Lows, v10

Dear Weather: I'm not sure if you got the memo or not, but it is now officially fall. You should change the temperatures accordingly. Thanks.

-JoEllen got a job! She's been in need of one for a while, and the job she has is with a company she's been with before. I'm so freakin' excited for her!
-It's premier week on TV...Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, America's Next Top Model, Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock...our DVR recorder is about to explode.
-As you know, I'm headed to Utah next week for the FIND workshop...and Devon is meeting me there! So not only will I get to see her, but I'll have a travel buddy to help me explore Park City.
-One of my clients gave me a gift certificate to a massage...score!!! I have the best clients EVER!
-I really loved seeing the new Nossi building on Wednesday. The students are going to be so spoiled by those nice photography studios.

-Email hacked. Spam mail sent. Password changed. My apologies to anyone who got an email from me with a random link in it.
-Yesterday, Mom, Dad, & SE and I were supposed to get in the van and head to UTC to check out the campus. As it turns out, Sara Eliz has mono, so we didn't get to go. Aaaaand she spent the afternoon on my couch on Thursday. Great. I didn't drink after her, so here's hoping I'm in the clear.
-I had grand plans of getting caught up to myself this week. It didn't happen. I'm still behind. And if I couldn't get caught up this week, it means I won't be caught up until Christmas. Sigh...
-I believe I've mentioned my bad inner electrical charge before. It's majorly been on the fritz this week. So far, I've managed to make the following malfunction/freeze with only my proximity to them: my DVD burner, the wireless internet on my computer, the card reader at Kinko's, my cell phone, the gas pump computer at Kroger, and the scale at the post office. I'm blaming the full moon.

Feel better Sara Elizabeth...and congrats JoEllen! Happy weekend!

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