Highs and Lows, v8

Even though I don't work a typical 5-day work week and Labor Day really shouldn't have had any effect on me, this week has seemed shorter. I spend most of Friday thinking it was Thursday. And here it is, another Saturday. No wedding for me this weekend. Joshy and I are spending our Satruday like normal people, with dinner & a movie, and a trip to the Frist to see their couture exhibit. We've just started watching Mad Men, so I'm pretty excited to see some of the fashion from that era in person.

-Joshy had a great birthday weekend and visit with his parents.
-On Sunday, I had a beautiful wedding with my favorite wedding people, Amy & CJ. Not to mention, my couple was awesome! Can't wait to share those images with you.
-Having today as a date night with Joshy. They can be hard to come by in my busy season.

-My left wrist is bothering me more and more. I'm certain it's because of the almost non-stop shooting I've been doing. Sara Eliz has been doctoring on me with ice, Ibuprofen, and tape. I have a pretty long break from weddings right now, so maybe that will help...?
-Where did the sunshine go?
-The cable went out for a good chunk of the early part of the week. Thanks alot, stupid dove hunters.

My picture this week is of our cat, Moses. I've tried not to be that kind of blogger, who puts up pictures of their pets all the time, but I had to make an exception this week. As of Thursday, he's been taking over our couches and keeping me company for one whole year. How did he get so fat? The first image is film.


This one is from my Toy camera. And yes, he actually sits like that sometimes.

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