Highs and Lows, v9

I've had a pretty good routine this week, a little bit of a rhythm, I might even say. Wake up around 9 or 10, work a little on the couch, take a shower, work some more in the office. Leave to shoot by 4:30, home by 7:30. Dinner & TV time with Joshy. Bed. I've got one more wedding to finish editing, and once it's done, I will hopefully be able to get caught up to myself fairly quickly. I've got a crazy October ahead of me, so here's hoping I can keep my ducks in a row.

-Great senior sessions all week!
-I made chili on Tuesday. Yes, I may be jumping the gun on fall just a bit, but it's just so yummy!
-This afternoon I'm heading to Nashville to hang out with JoEllen. I haven't seen her since the horseshow.

-Gnats! They have invaded our house, mostly in the kitchen. We've been able to trap/kill several of them with apple cider vinegar in a cup, but I still seem to be swatting constantly! Blech.
-Halo: Reach came out this week. Our living room has been a war zone every afternoon when I get home from my shoot. It's what I get for marrying a gaming-geek!

Here's one quick look at Sara's senior session yesterday!



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