Rhythm- it has no vowels

Sorry for the late post today. I've been busy cleaning house. Joshua's parents are coming into town for his birthday (tomorrow!) and the Celebration and what not. It's been kind of an odd day for me...sweeping, dusting, vacuuming. I'm not usually this...domestic. I use to think I wanted to be a housewife when I grew up. No job, just tidying the house, grocery shopping, dropping kids off at school. You know, all while wearing pearls and heels or something. I had just planned to marry a doctor or lawyer, and let the husband do the career. As it turns out, I would have made a terrible housewife. I like working. I like having a job to do, bringing home the bacon, managing things. In fact, as I was cleaning, I kept thinking, "If I can just hurry up and finish, I can work for the rest of the afternoon." Yes, it can get overwhelming as this week has proven, but after a half a day of cleaning, I know I'm doing the right thing. Lucky for me, I married Joshy. He's my househusband. Yes, he works as a bank teller, but only part time, and that's how we like it for the most part. He's the one that usually does the sweeping, the vacuuming, the laundry...anything and everything that needs done around the house, he's typically in charge of. I can't remember the last time I went grocery shopping. In the past month, I've maybe done 3 loads of laundry. We have very reversed gender roles, but it works perfectly for us. It took us a while to fall into this rhythm and realize our roles in our marriage, but now that we've got it figured out, it's kinda perfect. Eventually, the goal is for Joshy to be a full time stay-at-home husband/dad (...eventually, as in not anytime soon). For now, we're pretty content with our rhythm. My rhythm has been off a little, I'll admit. I've been away from home and away from Joshy more than usual this summer, and it's starting to wear on me a little. There are still a few trips in my future (watch out, October), but hopefully things will iron themselves out around the holidays. Now, as promised, a few shots of the newly made-over guest bed and bath. Happy Friday!

The guest bedroom...it's rather neutral compared with the rest of my house. But, maybe sometimes neutral is a good thing. Bedding is from Target. The bed, by the way, is two singles pushed together to make a super king.

Another view. All the accessories/furniture we already had, except the curtains. I found them at Dollar General for $12!

Here's a close up of the frames above the bed. It's postcards from our collection. Did you know we collected postcards? It's true. I'll tell you more about that later. This project cost a whopping $35, with these $5 frames from Dollar General. In the frames are postcards from both our friends and our own travels, and came from Italy, Greece, Maine, Australia, Spain, France, The Grand Canyon, Africa, Prague, Vancouver, & right here in Tennessee. This is only a sample of our collection.

I totally could have been on a Design on a Dime episode or something. This side table (TV tray, really) was $8.50 at Wal-Mart. Lamp, $12 from, you guessed it- Dollar General. Everything else we already had.

The accessories in the bath we've had for some time now, the only new thing is the paint which is a light gray-blue color. Also neutral.

There is plenty of color in here! Love this bathroom. If only our master bath was this cute.

Ok. Time to get some work done before Tony & Pam arrive. See you at the Celebration tonight!

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Anna Marie said...

I'm entirely flattered to see that Tunisia postcard in your frames! Glad to know my postcard efforts have been of use.

Love the blog as always... it's like you're chronicling every wedding from home that I'd otherwise miss. Thanks for keeping me in the loop and keep up the good work!