Blake's smiles

Despite the weather's best effort, I haven't been blown away yet. It tried, though. I was running errands in town when Joshy texted me to to say tornado sirens were going off. I had to drop some things by Central High School, and when I walked in the door, the kids were all sitting in the hallway. So, I headed over to my friend Marla's classroom and hung out with her until the danger passed. Although I wasn't expecting to spend an hour at the high school, I did enjoy catching up a bit.

While the weather was still nice a few weeks ago, we did Blake's 9 month session; 9 months is my favorite age for babies. Just look at how much personality she has!






Older brother Jax wanted a picture of Blake with Spidey for his room. Blake, apparenlty, isn't as big a fan of Spidey as Jax is.

And then she let us know when she was done posing. Just look at that lip!
Pretty soon I'll have pictures from my other Blake's 1 year session.

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