Estes & Boulder

Home. No boarding passes, no hotel reservations, no rental cars, no maps. Just me & my Joshy, catching up on our shows. Even though I'm super glad to be home, I will miss the mountain view a little. Sara E and I had a great time in Colorado. I think we'll both be back again someday. Though never in the winter....I really don't know how people function there when there is snow on the ground. The drive from Estes to Boulder was curvy and high and I'm just not cut out for it. The driving, that is. I could never get tired of the view.

We made it into Estes Park about 10AM on Sunday, and luckily I was able to catch a nap and take a shower before the wedding that afternoon.

On Monday, we started our day right with a great mountain breakfast. I don't think we could have asked for better weather.


Then we decided to go on a trail ride to get a first hand view of the countryside...without having to actually hike, that is. Outdoorsy I am not.


Pictures just don't do it justice.

After horseback riding, we went shopping in Boulder, and this morning we did more shopping in Denver. My sister loves to shop. We also spent a good part of our afternoon in Boulder near the Flat Irons doing part 2 of her senior session. Gorgeous. I can't wait to share those and the wedding pictures with you!

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