Film Workshop, Day 3

To say the workshop was awesome would be an understatement. I've simply been blown away. Not to mention Utah has such beautiful scenery. My flight back to TN leaves at 6am, so I'm keeping this short and sweet with a few photos from today. We had some more classroom time in the morning, a break for lunch, and our final shoot was with brides & grooms. It got rainy, and even though I was freezing, it was my favorite shoot. I neglected to take any pictures with my Toy camera as we shot, but here is what I do have for you...

Jonathan telling it like it is.

Some 'drive-by shooting.' The landscape took my breath away. Literally. The air is so thin here thanks to the altitude!


The wrap-up dinner. I hated saying good bye to everyone!

Ok...time for a little sleep before I fly the friendly skies again tomorrow.

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