Highs & Lows, v11

All day long, I've been sitting here thinking there was something I was forgetting to do, and then suddenly I remembered: I haven't blogged yet! My mind has been running over my packing list on repeat, just to make sure I have the right clothes for the weather and the right equipment for the shots. Of course, here it is less than 12 hours before I depart on trip #1, and have I started packing? No. But I know what I'm going to pack. Does that count?

-CJ's Off the Square had a fabulous open house on Thursday, and Joshy and I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with the crew. I took my camera to grab a few shots for them...I can't wait to share!
-Cascade's homecoming was last night, and although I could care less about football, I love people watching. Congrats to Ty on winning homecoming King!
-It's October. Tennessee is my favorite state in the whole country, and this is the month when the state is at it's best.

-I was invited to attend a wedding as a guest today, and I've been excited about it for weeks...until I realized two things: #1, it was three hours away, & #2, Joshy couldn't go to. So, rather than driving three hours there and three hours back by myself, I begrudgingly decided to skip out.
-Two words: POISON IVY.
-I'm already missing Joshy. We'll be home together a total of 24 hours over the next 12 days. No fun at all.

Ok...time to pack. Here's 2 quick shots from CJ's open house; much more, including a list of Nashville's best vendors who contributed, to come.

IMG_0372 copy_1b

IMG_0416 copy_1b

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