Highs & Lows, v12

There is so much on my plate right now. Laundry, packing, wedding, editing...the list goes on. Despite the craziness, I'm completey stoked about Courtney & Drew's wedding today! Just check out this weather...perfectly cloudless blue skies. I'm pretty excited for tomorrow's wedding in Estes Park, but I've got to take my excitement one step at a time. I can't wait to put all the great things I learned this week to use.

-The Film Is Not Dead Workshop blew me away. The people were great, the shoots were super fun, the scenery was breathtaking...everything I could have hoped for in a workshop. Thanks, Jon Canlas. You're totally rad.
-As awesome as Utah was on its own, it was made even better by Devon. I'm so glad she decided last minute to meet me there. Random place to meet? Yes. But still awesome.
-I did a little shopping this week, and found some sandals I've been hunting for. I realize it's almost too cold out to wear them, but I don't care. I had to have them.
-I found out last night that Sister Act is coming to Broadway! There's a very good chance I'll be going to NYC in the spring, just to watch it.

-Getting only 24 hours with Joshy over a 10 day period sucks. Plain and simple. I feel off without him around. I'll be glad when Tuesday gets here and we're settled in for good.
-Speaking of Joshy...the reason he's not here now is because he's getting to go to a family wedding in Florida. This is the second wedding on his side of the family I've missed this year because of work. I'm glad he's able to go, I just wish I could go too.
-While I was shopping, a bug flew in my ear. I could feel it, but worse, I could hear it. Creepy. I got it out a few minutes later, but blech...I'd rather eat a bug than have that happen again.

Here's my Joshy...just because. Happy weekend!

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