Highs & Lows, v13

It's Saturday night. This time last week I was hanging out with Drew & Courtney, between Utah & Colorado. This Saturday I'm in my pj's & Lipscomb sweatshirt, hanging out on the couch. It seems like a month since I was at the airport last, but really, it was only Tuesday. The following weeks will still be pretty busy, but not quite as insane at the past two. Central Time Zone, you are my favorite of all the time zones.

-The wedding in Colorado was beyond words. I couldn't have asked for better clients, and they surprised me with a gift! It's a necklace with a camera charm on it. Perfect, yes?
-Actually, the whole Colorado trip was a win: Sara Eliz's senior session in Boulder, our awesome rental car, horseback riding in the Rockies, the views, the food...I could go on and on.
-The Empty Bowls Benefit on Thursday was a success! I love the bowl I came home with.
-My long time pal Tiner camer to town! I only got to hang out with her & JoEllen for a few hours, but I'm just so glad I got to see her.

-I hate being away from Joshy so much. Not having time with him just throws me off my game.
-I left the mountains of Estes for a mountain of work on my desk. It's going to take me a while to get through it, but I don't feel completely overwhelmed...yet.
-Thanks to the altitude in Colorado, I huffed and puffed through our whole trip. Seriously, it was awful.

I've been shooting all week, so I have lots and lots to show! Right now, I want to share another shot from SE's shoot at the Flat Irons in Boulder. Don't you love her scarf?

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