Highs & Lows, v14

The final count from last night is 22 rolls of film. I have no idea if that is way too much, way too little, or just right. I'm hoping for just right. The wedding was amazing. It was the first wedding ever at the old Yazoo brewery in Marathon Village. I'd show you a peek, but I don't have one! Crazy, huh? I also have zero editing to do from last night, which totally rocks.

-Joshy and I ate lunch at the Bell Buckle Cafe for the first time in forever. It was soo yummy. I had a moon pie for dessert.
-Kelli, my bride from last night, surprised me with a gift certificate to RuSans and the movie theatre! She's been reading my blog way too much. I love awesome clients that spoil me.
-When I went back to my car yesterday, I found a sweet note JoEllen left for me on her way home from work. It made me smile.
-I found my spare battery charger! I've been missing it for a while now.

-I shot superlative pictures on Tuesday (which was super fun), and just like last year they invited me to lunch, but I couldn't go. I had too much to get done.
-My knee is in quite a lot of pain. I was limping by the end of the night last night. I blame a combo of the concrete floors and my shoes.
-If only you knew the amount of editing I have to do from this week...blerg. This is why film is becoming my new BFF.

Watch out, RPL. I'm coming your way.

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