Highs & Lows, v15

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-I got a call from RPL...my film has made it and should be on its way back to me by this time next week! Wahoo!
-Spontaneity! At midnight last night we mad a Kroger run in our pajamas, just like our college days. Except we didn't have to sign out of the dorm.
-Halloween candy...so bad, yet sooo good. The pumpkins are my favorite.
-Anybody else out there watch Mad Men? We're working our way through the seasons to get caught up, and I love it. I wish I could have their dresses! How fun are they?

-On Tuesday that silly weather front tried to blow us away. It forced me to spend an hour in the hall way at SCHS, where I happened to be dropping off some things when the tornado sirens went off. On the bright side, I got to hang out with Marla for a bit.
-We have no Halloween plans tonight. No costumes, no candy...just another dinner/movie night.
-The yearbook deadline took its toll on me this week...I had a lot of things to get done in a very short amount of time.
-It's cold in our house, and we're too cheap to turn on the heat just yet. Bring out the blankets!

Sneak peek at Brian & Laren's wedding...which you would have already seen if you were a fan!

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