The house began to pitch

There has been a tornado warning for Bedford County for the last hour. We were fine on the couch until the weather folks said "rotations between Midland & Vannatta." Well, that's basically directions to our house. So, we hunkered down in the bathroom for a bit. I grabbed a handful of things on the way...things that, if the house blew away, I didn't want to pull out of the neighbors' trees. Included on the list: Joshy, the cat, my laptop, my camera bag, and the film from Friday's wedding. We're in the clear for now, but there are a few more waves of storms behind us. Hopefully none as strong as this first one.

Before the storms hit, we headed out to the Clay's cabin for the annual church chili supper. The weather was perfect for an evening with our church friends and family. We had chili cooked in a huge cauldron, and I left stuffed. If only it was just a little cooler so I could enjoy a cup of hot chocolate...oh well. Winter will be here soon enough.



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