They say it's always in the last place you look. What happens when you've run out of places, and it's still no where to be found? I've been on the hunt for my yearbook from The Governor's School for the Humanities, and I've opened every box, drawer, tub, and closet there is, yet still no yearbook. I'm looking for it because It dawned on me that next summer will mark 10 years since I attended the program at UT Martin, and I wanted to see where everybody is now, and possibly bring up the idea of a reunion. Yes, there's Facebook, but Facebook only works if you can remember someone's first and last names. Since there were only 114 of us, last names weren't necessary to learn over the 4 weeks. And, since Facebook didn't come along for most of us until a good 3 years after the fact, I'm just not connected with these people. I happen to be Facebook friends with two people from GSH: Annie (who went to high school with JoEllen) and Wilson. And that's it. If only I could find the yearbook! It had our first and last names, our emails, hometowns, high schools, and even our pictures. That's more than enough info to track down a significant number of us. I'll keep looking, but I'm afraid it's lost. Fortunately, not all is lost; I did find my photo album with about 4 dozen photos in it. Actually, while I was turning closets inside out, I found lots of photos, and I mean lots. Chances are, if you and I have ever met, I have a photo of you somewhere. Here are a couple I thought I'd share from GSH.

First, me with Annie. DO NOT even think about asking me what was up with my hair. I don't know. It's curly. Probably for a play. Hey, we've all had our phases, yes?

And here are a handful of lovely ladies on Greek Night. Yes, we all wore togas. I was behind the camera for this one.
So, if you happen to see my GSH yearbook, please let me know. Or, if you happen to be one of the people in this picture, send me an email, and we'll catch up.

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