Sunday peek, times two

I've cut it close before. On a connection in Dallas, I had just enough time between flights to get a bathroom break, a little snack, and casually walk to my gate without having to wait before boarding. This morning, however, was a little too close. Sara Elizabeth and I left my house at 3:30AM. It should have been plenty of time to get to the airport, get checked in, and sit down at our gate until it was time to board. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. Who knew the Nashville Airport would be so busy at 5 in the morning? Check-in cut off at 5:15, and we got checked in at 5:14. Seriously. Then security was another wait. SE and I wound up running to our plane, and we barely got on before they closed the doors. It took me a while to calm down. What was I going to do if I missed that flight? Ugh. I don't want to think about it. The important thing is we got on the plane, and we made it to Estes Park, CO. The wedding here was perfect. So, so gorgeous! Here is a look at both weddings from this weekend. Much, much more of both to come when I get back into my own time zone.

First, a peek at Drew & Courtney's wedding at the George Dickel's distillery in Normandy. What a perfectly wonderful fall Saturday in Tennessee.

And here is Raffe & Amber, just after their private, lake side nuptials in Estes Park, Colorado today. It was chilly, but still pretty awesome.

Two weddings. Two states. Two dates. Two people, together. I love my job.

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Molly said...

I have had the same experience with early morning flights at BNA!!! I think it's because the check-in counters and security don't open til around 5 and then they have like ONE person working, to check in hundreds of waiting travelers...??? Lines out the door. Missed my flight and connection to a friend's wedding weekend 2 summers ago.