Dead Day

Yesterday was Dead Day, a tradition that JoEllen and I have followed since our days together at Lipscomb. Dead Day was the one magical day on campus between the end of classes and the start of finals. There was no chapel, no real reason to do anything at all. Of course, this day was meant to be spent studying, yet every time it rolled around, JoEllen and I found ourselves spending the day in the dorm, watching Love Actually, Mean Girls, and the Twilight movies, and accomplishing as little as possible, aside calling for pizza and maybe taking a shower. Maybe. Normally, Dead Day comes on the first Thursday in December, but we celebrated yesterday at JoEllen's apartment in Nashville in a pile of pillows & blankets. I had no intentions of changing out of my pajamas...


And then I get a phone call. It's mom, and she's not sounding so great on the other end. "We think Daddy's had a heart attack. They've carried him by ambulance to the emergency room. He's getting a cat scan soon..." I had been prepared for bad news calls since Granddaddy's bad spell, until she said something about the red light when he blacked out. Then it hit me. "Wait...who's daddy are we talking about?" I thought we were talking about her dad. "Yours," she said. I wasn't ready for that phone call.

JoEllen and I immediately turned off the movie, gathered my things, and began the rainy drive home. Once we made it to my house, I changed clothes, got Joshy and we headed out to check on Dad. When I got to his room, and saw him cursing the nurses because they couldn't get his IV in right, I began to feel better. He was ok. They poked on him for a while, and finally got him hooked up to things. His ankle was in bad shape from a spill off the ladder earlier in the day, so they wrapped it up and continued to run tests.

We're still not quite sure what caused him to loose consciousness and seemingly quit breathing for those few moments, although we're pretty sure it wasn't a heart attack. He'll go and see his regular doctor tomorrow, and begin doing more tests. I know that my family and I would appreciate your prayers, both for my dad and Granddaddy. I will keep you updated on both as I hear news, but for now, everyone seems stable. Dad is back home, watching a ball game, & Granddaddy is continuing his therapy so he can come home too.


In the mean time, I will be at home, watching the snow. I hope you're all safe and warm this weekend.

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