FIND: Final thoughts

Well, I suppose now that I've posted my images from the Film Is Not Dead workshop (previous posts here, here, here, & here), it's time to post my "official review" of it all. First, a few shots of Jonathan Canlas himself.



I will admit it: at first, I was skeptical of the FIND workshop. When I came across the workshop website, I hadn't even heard of Jonathan Canlas photography, much less blog-stalked him like I've done other photographers prior to attending their workshops. Yet, for some reason I decided to attend and paid my deposit. It turned out to be something I regretted for most of the summer; not only had I already spent an unusually long time away from home in the form of several husbandless trips, I also was forced into replacing my 5D after it crashed and burned. The camera, travel, & workshop costs combined turned out to wear me down more than I expected. Yet, here I was, committed. So, I packed my bags and came hoping it would be worth my limited funds and barely-there spare time.

From the moment I walked in the door, I was hooked. I think 'blown away' would be an understatement. I'm not sure what I was actually expecting Jonathan to be like, but he certainly did not match the font on his website that I had grown accustomed to. He was real, and so easy to talk we'd been friends for ages. The workshop itself was everything I had hoped my investment would be. I came armed with a battery of questions that had been building up, and they got answered without me even having to ask. I knew I needed to be taught about film, but what I didn't know is that I needed to learn about how to find my vision.

'Vision' is such a buzzword, isn't it? An intangible word, really. Yet, somehow Jon made finding my vision something that seems quantifiable; I feel focused, both in camera and in business. I was hoping to come home knowing what kind of film to use in certain situations, and I came home knowing that it's really up to me and my voice. One reason I learned so much is his no-secrets approach. He literally laid it all out for us and made sure we had the info at our fingertips. If you're a photographer considering this workshop: do it. Don't even hesitate.

After the FIND workshop, I feel as if I'm on the right path for the future. I have many things to consider, to try, to think about, to stop doing. More importantly I've had many things, such as my confidence, confirmed. I'm FINDing my way, one shot at a time.

This shot was an accident, but a happy one of a few fellow attendees.

And of course, this shot of the group huddled around a model, listening to Jon.

Expect much more film from me in the future. And Park City FINDers, if you're ever in Middle Tennessee, I expect a call!

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