Let's pretend like we're working.

One of my most dreaded tasks is updating my website galleries. It's so hard to sort through thousands of photos that I'm so emotionally connected to and only choose about 50 to be posted in the gallery. Lucky for me, there's Amy. She's my favorite wedding gal from CJ's Off the Square. I happened to stop by CJ's one afternoon and helped them update their galleries, so when she offered to return the favor, I held her to it. We fueled up at the Bell Buckle Cafe first, then giggled our way through about 9 weddings. She made the job of updating my website not seem like such work. We still have about 8 more weddings to sort, so the update-the-website part 2 will be sometime next week, after a bite of sushi. This gal...she's my people, you know? We just click....and it's because she's super awesome. By the way, please excuse the iPhone photos below; my Toy camera battery was dead. Photographer fail.

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