Tori B.

I mentioned the mess my office is on Sunday. It's still a mess. In fact, it got worse. Much worse. It's looking like an episode of Hoarders in there. Now I'm doing good to be able to walk from my door to my desk. It's so bad, when Joshy gave me my new office chair as an early Christmas present (yay!), he was able to hide it in my office...a whole chair, hidden behind the mess. Apparently the mess is affecting my ability to think clearly...I forgot to blog yesterday! And here it is, almost 10pm before I get today's up. This has got to get fixed! I need shelves in the closet so bad, but I probably won't be able to get them up until after Christmas. I also need access to the guest bedroom closet to store some things, but it's currently blocked by the Christmas tree and ornament boxes. So, basically, I'm stuck until Joshy let's me take down the tree, which will be around New Year's. I might actually go insane. At least I have a new chair, which I've been needing since the beginning of time, basically. If only I could get to it. If any of you are professional organizers, I could use an intervention.

As I continue to sort stuff and pull out my hair, here's a few shots from Tori's senior session. We went to Lynchburg to shoot at the beautiful Jack Daniel's Distillery. Her uncle works there and was able to escort us around the property. Tori happens to be the 3rd Bowman sibling I've photographed. First was her older brother Tyler's senior portraits in 2006, then Trena's in 2008. And now finally, Tori...












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