2010 in Review

I flinch a little every time I look at my phone and see 2011. It just doesn't seem like it's already time for it to be a new year! I guess time flies when you're keeping busy...and busy is the perfect word to sum up 2010. Over the course of this travel heavy year, Joshy and I took 8 plane trips to 4 time zones, 9 states and 5 countries. I had over 100 senior, family, baby, engagement, and bridal sessions, plus 24 weddings. In April, I tried out my film camera for the first time in years, and by October I shot a wedding using film only, which might be my highlight of the year....the low would be when my 5D camera crashed and burned. In July, I started blogging 7 days a week, and I've only broken my streak twice. Looking back, it's no wonder I got a little worn out here and there, but I don't think I'd have it any other way.

Here are a handful of my favorite photos from our trips....parasailing in the Caribbean.

Lunch in Honduras

Breakfast in Vegas

The view from Canon Beach, OR

At the Space Needle in Seattle

On the Ferry to Vancouver

People watching at the Rocky'

My FIND friends in Heber, Utah

Horseback riding with Sara Eliz in Estes Park

Of course, no matter where I go, I always come home to my couch and my Joshy.

Looking ahead, I have some goals for 2011, but they don't differ too much from my goals from 2010...I want to shoot more personal work, more film, and know when to say no. My focus is to get things streamlined. Sometimes, my business gets overwhelming, and I'd like to get to a point where things are organized in such a way that I can turn my brain off and walk away more. I also want to make my office a space that I love...right now, it's just a place for my desk to sit. As far as our travels, we only have a few trips on the horizon for 2011, including a mini vacation to Gatlinburg for my birthday, a huge family trip to Hawaii this summer, and a September wedding at the Fallingwater house in Mill Run, PA. Of course film will continue to be a big part of what I do.

Here's hoping 2011 is positively wonderful. Happy New Year!

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