Highs & Lows, v23

Thanks to Christmas and New Year's Day both falling on a Saturday, I've missed two weeks of my Highs & Lows installments. Today, I'm shooting my first wedding of 2011!! So, here's some quick catching up...

-Christmas! Joshy and I were simply spoiled. Plus, it was snowy outside.
-I got my office and closet under control, finally! In the process I found my favorite chap stick.
-Devon is in Tennessee! And, she'll be here until May. Which is good, because I've only seen her once or twice since she's been in town.
-SUSHI! I had a sushi date to Rusans with JoEllen before Christmas, then a sushi date to Wild Ginger with Amy Parman after New Year's. I. Love. Sushi.
-New Year's Eve...Joshy and I had a blast hanging out with JoEllen, Kevin, and a crowd of Nashville people. Two words: bathroom rave.
-Joshy and I are finally watching season 5 of Dexter. He's my favorite good/bad guy.

-Granddaddy wasn't home in time to spend Christmas with us, which made Christmas at their house unusually quiet. He's home now, thankfully.
-End-of-year accounting...it makes me want to simultaneously pull my hair out and run far, far away.
-For the past week or so, I've been working on updating my galleries. Such a pain! Going through thousands of pictures for the year to pick out my top 50 is basically impossible. Luckily, I had Parma to help me out. Thanks girl!
-On New Year's Day, I got a strange, uneasy feeling that lasted for most of the day. I think it was just because I was thinking about both all the accounting I need to do as well as a few other major things on my to-do list. I'm feeling better now, so it's all good.

Happy New Year! Let's hope I don't freeze my fingers off today!

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