Highs & Lows, v25

There is a camera sitting on my desk right now that feels more like a car. It's large and in charge, and I don't have the foggiest idea how to even hold the thing, much less click the shutter and take a photo. It's awesome. Thanks to the FINDers network, I was able to buy this camera used and at a fantastic price; it will be perfect for me to learn the magical world of medium format film. Plus, my arms are going to get a great workout.

-My birthday weekend was fabulous! I love vacations, don't you?
-I got to pet a stingray. This by far was the coolest experience of my whole month.
-JoEllen treated me to dinner for my birthday! It was delicious...can't wait until Friend Day!
-Some film came back from the lab...I keep waiting for the excitement of this to wear off, but it hasn't yet. Not even close.

-On Thursday, thanks to some terrible, terrible traffic, I was an hour and fifteen minutes late to my session. I wound up spending 5 hours in the car over the course of the day. Not. Fun.
-Weather...snow all you want, just please PLEASE stay off the roads. I can't drive on ice.
-I got a call earlier this week saying my check card had a suspicious charge on it. Sure enough, it wasn't one I made, so they promptly canceled it and I was left without access to my account for a week. Which is most inconvenient when you're out of town, trying to shop.

So here it is...my new to me Mamiya RB67. It's sitting on my laptop for scale. It's huge. Like, the size of a pineapple....or something. Can't wait to see what kind of images I can get from it!

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alexbee said...

medium format is so fun! you'll enjoy it!