Highs & Lows, v26

The weather report says it's 54 degrees outside. I looked out the window, and there isn't a single cloud. It's my favorite kind of weather, and I happen to have a wedding today. Did I mention it's still January? Today is going to be awesome.

-I sent film to the lab last week, and somehow I managed to put a mystery roll in there...I don't even remember sending it in, and I certainly didn't have a clue what was on it. Imagine my shock and surprise when I saw images from my date with film last spring! There were also a handful of images from other events, including Sophie's newborn session. So exciting!!
-You remember when I just had to shoot something this past Sunday? Well, Amber loved the results, as did basically everyone she knows. And, they all told me. My uncle Wayne even took the time to call me on the phone to tell me I did a good job. That always means so much to me.
-Thursday I went farming with my cousin Drew. Ok, so I rode around in the truck & tractor while he farmed, but it was fun spending time with him. I took my new camera for a spin while we were out.
-Melissa got engaged! She's shooting with me today, so I'll be sure to get a good shot of her ring.

-My calendar for the year isn't as full as I'd like it to be. I have lots of dates still open this spring, and I'm anxious to get them booked. I just don't know what I'll do with myself if I can't get out and shoot some weddings in April/May!
-I'm super slow at texting on my new phone. I'm basically hunting and pecking. My granny can actually text faster than me. I know I'll get used to it, but it's just been annoying this week....I almost feel like I've been without a phone.

Check out these surprise images from that mystery black and white roll. These were just before we got started. My mom's van was the home base for our shoot.


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