Sunday Shoot

It happens from time to time. Mostly in the winter. For whatever reason, I get this sudden itch to shoot....anything. It's always last minute, and I almost never have anything prepared. I've just got to get outside and get my finger on the trigger. Today, it must have been this new chuck of metal and glass sitting on my desk, beckoning me out into the cold. Or perhaps the bit of sunshine we had earlier in the day. Who knows. All I know is I had to shoot something. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to do digital or film, or who was going to pose for me, or where we would go, or what they would wear. And really, I didn't care. I just needed a camera in my hand and a person in front of my lens. So, I called up my 'cousin' Amber, who just so happens to be gorgeous, and she came over for an hour. I tried out my new medium format film camera, now dubbed 'Douglas' by my sister. Unfortunately, I'm an idiot and I didn't manage to advance the film as I shot. Ooops. Looks like more YouTube how-to videos are in my future. At least I grabbed a few with my trusty digital too. Huge, huge thanks to Amber for coming to the farm on such short notice! Don't you love her smile?






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alexbee said...

wow, these are super awesome! the DOF is awesome. I get the same way in winter... I can't wait for sunshine!