The Whitney Family

It was the day after Thanksgiving. We had barely arrived home from our quick trip to North Carolina when I got right back in the car to go to the park for a session with the Whitney family. It was pretty cold outside, and I was a little on the grumpy side from our drive, but when I got to the shoot and met this fantastic family, my mood turned around. Lee & Iris are the grandparents in the center, with their 5 children and 11 of their 13 grandchildren.

Ann is the only sister in the group of 5 siblings.


It turns out that Ann was good friends with my mom when they were in high school. She told a story about my mom being upset one day when they were driving to the farm. Ann told me that nothing she said would make my mom feel better, but when they got closer to the farm and Mom looked out the window to see the beans were coming up, her tears dried and all was ok again. I feel that way every time I drive through the farm. No matter how stressed or upset I might feel when I'm driving home, once I come around that last curve and the full view of the farm comes into view, a sigh of relief comes over me and I'm at peace.

This week I've especially loved driving through Deason. The snow is such an amazing sight that I just cannot get enough of. I'm actually a little sad that it had begun to melt, because who knows when we'll get to see Tennessee with such a beautiful frosty blanket. I know lots of folks around here are ready for it to go, but I'm so glad we've had a white week. Maybe next time it will just stay off the roads!

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