What happens in Augusta...

This week pretty much every photographer in the country is in Las Vegas for the WPPI Convention. Except me. I went last year, and thanks to a round of food poisoning I hardly left the hotel room. I won't say that the miserable experience I had last year directly affected my decision to not go this year, but I think because I wasn't able to really, fully enjoy myself or the convention last time, I just didn't make plans for it this time. I wish I had. Now as I see all my friends' blogs and tweets about the trade show, the classes, and of course the parties, I'm sad I'm missing out. Next year you better believe I'll be on a plane!

Even though I didn't make it out to Vegas, JoEllen and I still managed to have a girls' getaway weekend. In Augusta, Georgia. I know what you're thinking...why in the world would we go to Augusta, GA for a girls' trip? Honestly, if we weren't going to visit our friends Tina and Dana, I don't think I'd ever make a point to go. Yet we had a blast! Tina is finishing up med school, and Dana is a chef. I may be a little spoiled by Dana now; she made us all kinds of goodies, including white chocolate & nutella creme brulee from scratch in Tina's kitchen. Wowza.


While JoEllen and I were on the road, we made stops in Atlanta at IKEA and H&M, which happens to be my favorite clothing store on the planet. I totally racked up on clothes and things for my office...and I spent less than $100 at both stores combined! I also made a detour to Columbia, SC for an engagement session with some clients from Charlotte. Here's one quick peek at Amanda & Shawn; their wedding is in August.

Even though I'm super jealous of the folks at WPPI, I'm glad I got out of town with my favorite friend for a cheap, successful, fun weekend. I hope all of you that are there this week have a great time!

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Tracy Anderson said...

OMG! I totally wish I knew you were going to be swinging through town. I would have found an excuse to have some pics done - especially with the dog! Next time....