Anna Kate

It's time for me to get back to my regular blogging routine. I have allowed myself to be a little lazy about it the past month or two, but now I'm committed to my daily blogging again. One quick thing I wanted to point out...I've added a new feature to my blog. Posts are now expandable! Basically, this means that when I post a bazillion pictures in one post, you only see the first one unless you click the "CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE OF THIS POST" link at the bottom. With this new feature, we won't have to scroll, scroll, scroll in order to get to the next post. It hasn't been added to posts in the past (though depending on how motivated I feel, it might), but from now on any post with more than one photo in it will be condensed. You can try it out with this post!

Anna Kate...she' growing too fast. She was ready to take off during her 9 month session. I have a feeling I'll be chasing her all over the place when it's time for her one year session!

I love this one. Look how the light caught her eyelashes!







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