Growing up, there have always been cats in my house. I got my first cat when I was 5, and ever since, our home had at least one cat taking charge of the place. When Joshy and I got our own house (and thus our own cat), Mom became host to a couple of sweet outside kitties, until recently when BC decided to wander off in the same fashion he wandered to their house, and Tipsy passed away. For the past month or so, my parents' house has just seemed a little off without a cat around to say hello. So, for her birthday (which is Tuesday), my sister and I decided it was high time she had some feline friends again. I put out a call on my facebook, and we were put in touch with a nice woman who had taken in a couple of strays but just didn't have room for them. Now, two sweet little black & white kittens are cuddled together in their new home, where they will grow to be fat, lazy, and loved. Mom was completely's a few photos from her birthday dinner at Granny's house.

First, a little birthday cake. Folks of the interwebs, you should be very grateful these pictures don't have sound. The traditional singing by my family of "Happy Birthday" is too pathetic for words.

In case you're wondering why there are 9 candles, I'll explain: The 5 on one side are for decades, and the 4 on the other are for years. 5 decades + 4 years = 54.

Oh, lookie...wonder what's in the box?

Kittens! Don't worry, we didn't have the top on the box for very long at all. Just look at Mom's expression. She was so surprised...and super excited! Little did I know, she'd been looking for some kittens to adopt, but just hadn't found any yet.

They're in good hands now. Happy birthday, Mom!
They still need names, so if you happen to think of some good ones, let me know and I'll be sure to pass them along.

By the way, be sure to check back tomorrow...part 1 of my all-film wedding from last fall is going on the blog!

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