I know I've been a little absent with my blog writing lately... I'm just taking it easy is all. It's the off season, so there just isn't much going on, which means I just don't have as much to chat about. I'll still post pictures, of course. It's what you came here for anyway. Soon (as in a few weeks), I'll have Josh & Maleah's full wedding, pictures from last fall's film wedding (finally), another batch of Kyle from our session a few months ago, and maybe some updates from the toy camera. Today, I've got Logan's 6 month session for you. He's so smiley, it makes me want to hang out with him for the afternoon, just to watch him grin.









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Molly said...

Love the UT hoodie!! And the one where he's reaching for the camera. As your #1 blogstalker, I have indeed missed your regular blogging, but am really really really looking forward to seeing the film wedding pics!! How do you digitize them for posting? Do you have to scan each one?