Blue skies

Today, I spent most of my afternoon in the car, driving around Bedford County, location scouting. Specifically, I was on the hunt for a good dirt pile. I found a couple options, so we'll see how things turn out. Mostly it was just nice to be out and about, enjoying the beautiful blue skies. Not too long ago I was enjoying the weather when I got side tracked and shot a few personal images at Arrington Vineyards. While I'm still finding my voice a little when it comes to personal work, this much I know: I love shooting people. I've tried to push myself beyond portraits, but if there's not a person in the shot, then I just don't like it as much. Maybe I just need more practice, but I kinda feel like it's just not me. I take photos to tell a story, and to me, a person's story is much more interesting than the story of a place or thing, you know? Anyway, here are a few shots I was happy with from my quick stop at Arrington a few weeks ago. To the random couple I stalked: thanks for letting me photograph you.







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