I'm getting there

Continuing from part 1 & part 2, here is part 3...

When the time finally came for me to look at the images I'd been obsessing about, I was nervous and excited and decidedly pleased with my work. But, I can do better. I decided I have so, so much more to learn. After years with my digital camera, I feel like I know the ins and outs, all the nuances of how an image will look in the end. That's not the case for film. I've barely even had a chance to scratch the surface. There are so many types of films I've never put in my camera, and I've only ever shot 35mm.  In a way, I've got to start over...re-learn to shoot completely. It's been a slow process.

I'll admit, I'm still pretty afraid of film. I've been getting more and more brave, but I've yet to take that leap again and shoot a whole wedding/senior/baby/anything on film. Lately I've been introducing it to my sessions more and more, and I shoot personal work almost exclusively film, but somehow I always manage to pull out my digital camera...just in case. Just in case I fail completely. There it is. I said it. I'm afraid I'll fail. I mean, what if this wedding was a fluke? What if the stars aligned a little too perfectly? What if I can't do better? I'm scared, but I can't let that fear stop me. Film photography is slowly but surely turning me into the kind of photographer I want to be, and honestly I think that fear has a lot to do with it. It's like this constant force to push myself, to test my limits and see what happens.

So what does the future hold for me? Learning. Much, much more learning. And then more learning. The quality of work I deliver to my clients is a huge priority, and I've got so much more to learn to make sure I'm delivering that quality work. Eventually, I think I'd like to put down my digital camera permanently. I'm super tired of all the post processing that's involved with digital photography, and I don't want that to dictate my life. I'm just not quite ready to take that leap yet, mentally or artistically.

But I'm getting there.

Here is the conclusion to Kelli & Dale's amazing October wedding. Films in this post are Fuji 400H, 800z, and Ilford 3200. I used my EOS3 & Canon Rebel for the reception images.



















Thanks to you all for stopping by the past couple of days and checking in on me. This whole film thing has been, and continues to be a fun journey, and I appreciate your support.

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