She said YES!

I've been a liar for months now. Sneaking around, telling half-truths and omitting details in conversations. Keeping a major, major secret from none other than my very best friend. It's been killing me. I tell her everything, and there I sat with news that would change her life forever and I couldn't say a word. Yet, when the truth finally came out as Kevin got down on one knee and I saw the look on her face, I knew it was worth it all.

That's right folks: JoEllen is engaged! Her boyfriend fiance Kevin had been scheming for months, and last night he pulled off what is possibly the perfect proposal. I know you're all familiar by now with the Flying Saucer and their plate program...remember JoEllen getting her first plate just a few months ago? Rewind the clock to just about this time last year: Kevin was getting his first plate on the wall, and JoEllen was there to celebrate with him. That's when their romance began. It was pretty clear from the beginning they were meant for one another, and this February I got the call from Kevin: he was ready to buy a ring. Thus began the weeks and weeks of sneaking around my best friend. Kevin and I went to Shane Co and got the setting, but it had to be special ordered because of JoEllen's tiny fingers. So we had to wait..and wait...and was torture keeping it all from her! Meanwhile, Kevin set his proposal plan in motion; he began to complete the task of getting his second plate, and managed to jump from 121 to 200 in a mere two months.

Finally, the date came. We were all there at the Saucer, just waiting for the cover to be pulled off Kevin's plate and reveal his proposal. I was so nervous and excited I could hardly string a sentence together. I passed him the ring box, then he walked over to his plate, pulled the string, and revealed the big, bold letters: "JoEllen, WILL YOU MARRY ME?"

Apparently we're pretty good liars because JoEllen never suspected a thing. She thought the plate was going to say the same thing his first plate said. When she realized it didn't, and looked back to Kevin, he was on one knee with the ring in his hand. She was shocked. "Is this real?" I heard her say. And then, she said yes.

JoEllen, I love you and I couldn't be more completely thrilled for you and Kevin. I know you're going to make one stunning bride, and I wish you both nothing but happiness forever and ever.

Kevin's about to reveal his plate! Everyone knows what's going on at this point, except JoEllen.


I've always wanted to photograph a proposal. I'm so glad my first one was for my best friends!

She was TOTALLY surprised! Never suspected a thing!






Congrats Kevin, you did it!



Filling her in on some of the lies...


Still in total shock.



Looking at the plate on the wall.

There it is!

Yay best friends! Thanks for taking this picture, Joshy!!


The ring is gorgeous. I'll post a better picture later.




I'm putting this in a frame.

Time to change that Facebook relationship status and call mom!



And before you ask, yes I'll be in the wedding and yes I'll shoot it too. How? Well, that I'm not too sure about yet, but we'll figure it out Luckily I've got a great assistant, so I'm not too worried. The hardest part will be figuring out what to wear!


Cindy said...

I'm so glad you were the one to capture that special moment, as if it would have been anyone else! Can't wait to see the engagement pics and of course the wedding pics, still wondering how you're going to pull off being IN the wedding and shooting it too, but I'm sure you will figure it out! Congrats to all of you!

Kevin said...

You are the best Jenna Brie! Thanks for helping make this proposal possible!

amber said...

those pics are awesome, must be a very expensive camera, thanks for posting, love the story and pics

aunt amber

JoEllen said...

We love you so much Jenna Brie! Thanks for being there through everything and can't wait for all that we have to look forward to. Love you so much!

Chris Jones said...

Thank you for sharing their wonderful story! Congratulations to the happy couple, and thank you for capturing the evening so well. Would you/they be adverse to letting us congratulate them on our Facebook page with a link to your blog?