Tales from the Toy Camera

I'm a little bit spoiled. Yesterday's wedding left me sore & sunburned. Very sunburned. Somehow, I was so concerned about properly shooting the open field, middle-of-the-day, no shade wedding that I completely overlooked sunscreen. On top of it all, my throat hurts and I just don't feel good. Luckily, I've got Joshy. He really and truly spoils me. This morning, after he put in a load of laundry, he offered to make me pancakes from scratch while I just stretched out on the couch and watched some Harry Potter. Basically, I never lift a finger around the house. I go about my work in my office while Joshy takes care of the rest. Jealous? You should be...he's fantastic. I can't remember the last time I went to the grocery store. I managed to get off the couch long enough to take a picture or two of the pancakes with my Toy camera. I've also got a handful of other Toy Camera pictures from graduation and a day trip to Chicago I took with Sara Eliz to share.

So spoiled by him.


The tent from Sara E's birthday/graduation. Notice our 'neighbors' in the background.

Birthday cake! It was too windy to light the candles, so we pretended.

She got a laptop for graduation!

As a mini trip/graduation/birthday treat, SE and I went to Chicago for the day. We pretty much retraced the path Joshy and I took back in '09.

It's so hard to walk out on this thing!


The bean! One of my favorite places ever. I could spend hours there taking pictures. I did happen to shoot a roll of film...it will show up later.

JoEllen & Kevin happened to be in Chicago the same day, so we met up with them at the Bean for a mini photo shoot.

LOVE the Bean.

No trip to Chicago is complete without a deep dish pizza.


Finally, a shot of Denny's. Joshy and I got to eat there yesterday while we were in Kentucky for a wedding. Denny's is kinda our thing.

That's it for Toy camera updates for now. I should have some babies and engagements to post soon.

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Devon said...

I have got to get to Chicago. It looks like you had a great time.