We made it back from Hawaii safe and sound yesterday after a forever long flight. I never really realized just how out in the middle of nowhere Hawaii is. Those silly maps always put it in a little box just off the coast of Mexico, so even though I know better, I just always thought it was closer. I'm pretty much done with the 8+ hour flights for a long while. As soon as we got home, I crashed and burned in our bed for a 5 hour nap, then I managed to sleep another 12 hours through the night. Aside from being entirely too far away, it was an amazing trip. We saw some incredible scenery, ate delicious foods, and did some pretty amazing stuff. We even sat on the beach a bit. In the shade, with our 100 SPF sunscreen, of course. I will do a full Hawaii post as soon as I possibly can, but since I shot quite a bit of film, we've all got to wait a bit to see the results. Here is a little peek at what I was up to...Luke & Jessica along with Luke's parents and brother came along on this huge family trip, and they graciously posed for me while I shot my little heart out. Joshy got this shot on his phone....and yes, that's film in my camera, not digital.In the mean time while we wait on it to be developed, I've got lots to blog from recent sessions, so stay tuned!

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