Joey & Mallory

Joey & Mallory's wedding is just around the corner! It's possible we'll all melt into a pool of sweat before the day is over. It's hot out there, and I'm still shooting away. I keep a bottle of water in my shootsac, and I've started to bring a backup bottle of water for when I chug my way through the first one. Yesterday as I was shooting, I actually had to wipe the sweat off the back of my camera in order to see my screen. Gross.

In other news, we have another doctor's appointment in the morning. Nothing exciting this time...just a check up. We don't find out the gender for another 6 weeks or so. We should at least get to listen to the heartbeat again, which has quickly become my favorite sound. This time I'm going to try to remember to get Joshy to make a recording on his phone, but usually I'm so fascinated, I forget everything else completely. so far I've felt fabulous, and I can tell I'm beginning to be less tired...I didn't even take a nap yesterday!

Back to Joey & Mallory...we did their engagement session around the square and Fly Building in Shelbyville quite some time ago. I'm looking forward to their wedding in a couple weekends...she's going to make one beautiful bride.










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